Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Something for my girls!!

My family is going through a rough time right now.  My husband lost his job almost 3 months ago now and it has been difficult for either one of us to find a job.  Bills are the priority at the moment and something like cable, cell phones, and sadly dance class are not a priority.  But my girls have been dancing for a couple of years now.  With all the changes I really haven't wanted to pull my girls out of dance.  It keeps them active.  It keeps their grades up.  They are proud of what they do.  Thankfully they each only go one night a week.  Cadence does hip hop.  Autumn does Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Hip Hop. (yep all one night a week)

I am just trying to raise the money for the monthly cost of the classes, the recital costumes, and dance shoes.  The girls and I discussed the fundaiser and decided that any extra money will be donated to the studio for any other students in need.  We understand we are not the only ones in need or down on our luck.

So if you could donate or share our cause or both we would greatly appreciate it.  I do genealogy work and will gladly do some research for you in exchange.  

Please click this link to go to the Fundraiser.


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